We believe that it is our patient journey that makes us the stand out from the crowd.
We like to go that extra mile to make sure that you are cared for and looked after every step of the way.

Your Journey Begins

As a part of this journey you will be provided a treatment
co-ordinator who will be looking after you from your very first appointment, to the end of your treatment and beyond. They are very experienced in all forms of dentistry, and will be in charge of ensuring you are aware of all of the different treatment options available to you so that you are looked after by the most
appropriate dentist.

Meet The Experts

After meeting one of our expert dentists to talk through your treatment goals, they will start to develop a treatment plan which is aimed at achieving that healthy attractive smile, you desire. As with life, there are often many paths or treatment options available, the important thing is taking the time to work out the balance which works for you. From outcome of your consultation with the clinician, our team will then be able to start formulating an appointment plan and discuss all the payment/finance options available. The end result will be a clear customised path which works for you.

Your Choice

Having seen one of our friendly expert dentists, our treatment co-ordinators will be there to add extra understanding and detail to the different treatment options which are suitable for you.  They will then work with you through the next stage in your exciting smile journey.  Bringing together the treatment stages, all financial options and the timeframe you want to work with.  We have a variety of dental health plans and payment plans which included 0% finance to spread the cost of treatment.

Leave Smiling!

Our approach aims to place you central to the decision making, something vital to a successful treatment journey. Whether it be our clinicians or our care co-ordination team, we will always have someone there to listen. Lets get smiling


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