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For children aged between 0-18, we have an NHS general dentistry contract which enables us to provide all your child’s routine care from preventive fluoride applications to restorative fillings and much more.

We also benefit from a Specialist Orthodontic NHS contract, which enables us to treat child patients with braces to straighten their teeth.  We accept outside referrals for this service.


For adults, there are many payment options available but many of our patients take advantage of one of our tailored Denplan health memberships.


Denplan is the UK’s leading payment plan specialist and provides affordable access to regular private dental treatment. Together with Denplan we focus on a preventive approach to dental care.

Denplan has been working with dentists and their patients for nearly 30 years.   They have developed a unique and wide-ranging support service, which helps to enhance the care being provided.

Why choose a Denplan health membership?

  • Predictable monthly payments, allowing patients to budget for private dental care
    · Worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (included in dental plans as Supplementary Insurance)
    · Regular appointments with registered Denplan member dentists which help keep teeth and gums healthy
    · Access to Denplan’s 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline
    · Significantly faster consultations than standard NHS provision

What health memberships are available?

Denplan Care covers a wide range of high-quality dental treatments, while helping to spread the cost over a fixed monthly amount. When you are wanting all routine preventive and restorative work included without any unwelcome surprises, then this could be the plan for you.

Denplan Essentials is a monthly dental payment plan which helps patients pay for all essential dental care such as check-ups, x-rays, hygiene visits and emergency appointments.  Many patients feel their teeth tend to stay healthy between visits so don’t want to be covered for additional work which they potentially wont need over the course of the year.  For those patients, essentials is perfect, giving them the reassurance of maintained healthy teeth and gums but in the event of needing some repair work, they benefit from preferential rates for treatment.

Denplan Hygiene Plan helps spread the cost of regular hygiene treatments to suit your individual care needs.  Visiting a dental hygienist can make your mouth feel fresher and your teeth feel healthier. The  result is strong foundations for a confident smile.

Professional hygiene treatments can clean far beyond what’s possible with normal brushing, and can be tailored to tackle any areas that you may have trouble reaching in your everyday home care.  Regular hygiene treatment can also help to prevent oral health problems before they begin, potentially saving large dental bills or extensive treatment in the future. Prevention is always better than cure.

How many cleans can I have per year?

Most patients have between 2 to 4 visits but with this plan we can tailor the exact number to your needs.  Many patients also take advantage of our airflow polish which not only cleans but can whiten your tooth surface.

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    “I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful dentist and dental surgery where I can go and would not hesitate in recommending Philip eccles and all his team to everyone”

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